日星鑄字行 Ri Xing Type Foundry

台湾 (Taiwan)/www.letterpress.org.tw

日星鑄字行 Ri Xing Type Foundry


Ri Xing Type Foundry, the last operating type foundry in Taiwan, was founded in 1969. Mr. Chang Chiehkuan is the second-generation owner.
When the industry was still on its peak, Ri Xing had more than 30 staffs working for numerous orders almost every day.
After the rise of computer, typesetting, movable type was largely replaced. Eventually, type foundries had to shut down one by one.
In Taiwan, Ri Xing is the only type foundry that still try to against the tide, only to keep the last breath of movable type in Traditional Chinese.
Now, Ri Xing gradually transform into a culture legacy, and try to show people the beauty of both traditional type printing and Chinese.

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