ditto ditto

香港 (Hong Kong)/www.dittoditto.net

ditto ditto p.s. chan

“ditto ditto”は日常の繰り返しを象徴し、私たちが無視しがちな日々の日課の中にある奇跡を意味します。この日常の中の小さな発見や奇跡をみなさんと分かち合うことがゴールです。

p.s. chan, a designer, an illustrator and a letterpress printer based in Hong Kong. With a background in fine arts, she enjoys drawing with different mediums and found her niche when her illustration meets letterpress, the two worked perfectly together and gave each print an impression that no modern printing techniques can replicate.
ditto ditto symbolizes the repetitions in our daily lives, it represents the miracles that we often ignored in our daily routines, and it is our goal to share these little discoveries and ordinary miracles with you.

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